This is why I will never say a word

Reality is the product of a stare. This is my truth
That the key to unlocking the mysteries of the galaxies
Lies in the dark matter of your pupils;
Should the world tumble out of tilt,
The north of my compass is at the tip of your tongue.
I believe no myths and I believe no books
Save for the trial and error that made you you,
That had god made man out of his own holy rib
I would still take the one born of fish.
But poetry was never made for talking, in the same way that
Love is not a four-letter word, it is an empty echo of people
Aching at the lack of how. This is not me
Playing hard to get with metaphors and hyperboles,
The limit of human communication is the fact
That you will space while I will earth,
That you will mountain while I will bird,
That you will sea while I will sky,
And should there be a parallel universe
Parallel lines would still not reach a point of union.
Language is the prerequisite of reason, except
Feelings are never rational and “love” dies in my mouth.
I can only tell you thisthat the history of the universe began
When light traveled to reflect your eyes in mine,
That the story of everything is a man, and the story of the fall
Is me.


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