About Poetry for Sale

Hi! You reached Poetry for Sale. Take a look around and see if there’s anything you like.

Poetry for sale?

No, I’m not exactly selling poetry. Though I wish I could. I mean, if artists can make money by selling artworks, why can’t I go down the streets peddling words on pieces of paper?

“Poems for sale! Poems for sale! A penny for a couplet, sir?”

I’m kidding; ignore that. Many writers of course make decent, if not huge profit for writing poetry and prose. But, how about the rest of us who are no JK Rowling or George RR Martin? Can we, too, make a living out of writing? Does the fact that no one is buying our literature mean that we’re bad writers? What do we do with these strings of words hidden in the folders of our computers?

Aye, there’s the blog.

Here’s my resolution—Poetry for Sale. This is the market place where I will air out my words, my sighs, my human experience in print. This blog will contain:

  • my struggles as a (professional) writer,
  • my attempts at poetry and fiction, and
  • random thoughts on different subjects.

And as in any market or store, I ask you to treat these works the way you would a produce before purchase: with scrutiny. It is my hope that by getting my literature out there, I get to share with you the many things I’ve learned so far, and you can share with me the many things you’ve learned so far, too! Kidding aside, I am seriously looking forward to learning more about writing from your comments and feedback.

So don’t be shy, dear customer. Come closer and linger. I welcome you to this virtual stand and I hope you enjoy your stay.



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